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[Update] November Changelogs
02-11-2018, 06:33 AM (This post was last modified: 28-11-2018 08:40 PM by ROMY01.)
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[Update] November Changelogs

- open /memo for map gef_fild14 and cmd_fild03.


- Removed all Godly item from server database.
- Make all food stats, Big Magic Defend & Magic Defend pot disable in WoE.


Utilities/NPC Updates
- Relase NPC named Kafra Irine in Prontera.

- Added @mobinfo / @mi command for player.


Utilities/NPC Updates
- Changed Npc coordinate in prontera.
- Fixed Kafra Irine (not a realname yet). Will be release soon for claim item and headgear using our coin system.
- Added missing Kafra in Izlude town and changed the coordinate beside Healer.

- Changed daily login reward from 1 to 2 Bronze Coin.
- Added hourly reward. 1 Bronze Coin each hour for online player. Vendor is disqualified.
- Added full description for Asgard Scroll egg and other new item release.


Utilities/NPC Updates
- Fixed Spooky Machine bug and changed the event cooldown from 22hours to 12hours.


Utilities/NPC Updates
- Added Spooky Machine at Prontera town. Please read here for more detail.
- Changed NPC coordinate in prontera.

- Add new item in Kafra Donation.
- New scroll egg named Asgard Scroll is available in Kafra Donation.

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